Bizet’s Dream and Watatatow take ACT Awards

The Alliance for Children and Television's Awards of Excellence was both a walk down memory lane and a glimpse at the road ahead....

The Alliance for Children and Television’s Awards of Excellence was both a walk down memory lane and a glimpse at the road ahead.

From Sharon, Lois and Bram to Fran Pappert Shannon (Romper Room’s Miss Fran), the parade of presenters represented a history and who’s who of Canadian kids tv. The roster included personalities like Eric Nagler, Ernie Coombs (Mr. Dressup), Taborah Johnson and Murray Chercover. The Razzle Dazzle team – Al Hamel, Michelle Finney and Howard the Turtle (John Keogh) – was reunited on stage for the first time in over 30 years.

The Awards of Excellence, capping off act’s 1995 festival at Toronto’s Delta Chelsea Inn, included a record-breaking 91 nominations.

Best drama in English was awarded to The Composer’s Specials, ‘Bizet’s Dream,’ produced by Devine Entertainment and broadcast on Family Channel. Best drama in French went to Watatatow, produced by Les Productions jbm and broadcast on Radio-Canada.

ReBoot, produced by Alliance/blt and broadcast on ytv, won for best English animation and Droits au Coeur, Volet II, ‘Baroque’n Roll,’ produced by L’Office national du film du Canada and broadcast on Radio-Canada, won the French animation category.

Best variety/special in English was The Biggest Little Ticket, produced by Lyric Film and Video and broadcast by the CTV Television Network and ytv. In French, best variety/special was Vazimolo, produced and broadcast by Radio-Canada.

Best information program in English went to The Tube, ‘AIDS: Get The Facts,’ produced by Swan Productions and broadcast on tvnc. Best French information program was Ici Ados Canada, produced by Les Productions Pixart and broadcast on Radio-Canada.

The best English instructional program was Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door, produced by Relevision for cbc, and the best English preschool program went to Once Upon a Hamster, produced by Hammytime and broadcast on ytv.

A special jury prize went to Livrofolie, ‘L’identite,’ produced by the Corporation de developpement et de production acpav and broadcast on Canal Famille.

Outstanding contribution awards for achievements in the industry went to Angela Bruce, Linda Keogh, Louise Dansereau and Claude Lafortune. MEA