Brunico launches new publication

The first issue of Kidscreen will hit the streets in January 1996....

The first issue of Kidscreen will hit the streets in January 1996.

The monthly international business magazine being launched by Brunico Communications, publisher of Playback, is targeted at all those involved in reaching children through entertainment software.

Kidscreen will provide a single source of news about the use of motion picture, television, home video, and new media to reach the children’s market.



Its coverage will tie together the many different aspects of the business, including news and trends about content, scheduling, ratings, advertising, promotion, licensing, and other ancillary merchandising opportunities.

‘Only about 6% of Kidscreen’s circulation is expected to be in Canada, with over 75% located in the u.s.,’ says Brunico president James Shenkman.

‘The controlled circulation in the United States will include producers, broadcasters, national marketers, retailers, and ad agencies,’ he says.

‘International circulation, including in Canada, will be aimed primarily at broadcasters and producers.’

Mark Smyka, founding editor of Playback and its sister publication, Strategy, and a Brunico shareholder and vp, becomes editor of Kidscreen, as well as chairman of a newly formed Brunico editorial committee, which is involved at the level of editorial plans and policies for each of the company’s publications.

Smyka is withdrawing from the day-to-day editorial activities of Playback and Strategy in order to fully immerse himself in the children’s communication sector.

Shenkman and Smyka founded Brunico nine years ago and this will be Smyka’s third launch.

Ken Faier, who until now has been associate publisher of Playback and Strategy, and who joined Brunico six years ago, will be publisher of Kidscreen.

Faier identifies four major trends influencing the timing of this launch.

‘First, the children’s entertainment market is growing by leaps and bounds,’ he says.

‘Second, licensing and other ancillary merchandising, as well as the advent of new media, have changed the economics and structure of every deal.

‘Third, consumer marketers are targeting children more and more as they gain purchasing power, and as the extent of their purchasing influence is increasingly recognized.

‘And fourth, the marketplace continues to become increasingly globalized.’

Shenkman also notes that while, currently, there are trade magazines in the various related disciplines, such as production, distribution, advertising and licensing, none of these focus on children alone, and none offer the overall perspective of Kidscreen.

Hamill group publisher

Kathy Hamill has been named vp and group publisher of Brunico.

‘She’s been with us for six years, is a key part of the senior management team, and once we have our new product up and running, she’ll be taking on more publications,’ says Shenkman.

‘During the upcoming launch phase, however, I’ll be devoting a great deal of my own time to Kidscreen, and both Mark Smyka and Ken Faier will be dedicating almost all of their energies to the new magazine.’

Replacing Faier as associate publisher of Playback and Strategy is Shelley Middlebrook, who has been national sales manager of Playback for the past two years.