Get the picture?...

Get the picture?

‘Gift Box,’ a new 30-second spot produced by The Partners’ Film Company for client Peoples Jewellers and agency Gee Jeffery and Partners, reminds us it’s time to unpack our woollies and strap on our toboggans – the gift-giving season is upon us.

In ‘Gift Box,’ which began airing this month and will run until late December, Peoples tried a little different approach to its annual Christmas advertising. Literally.

The spot features two storylines – which for all intents and purposes shall be referred to forthwith as Plot A (Brobdingnag) and Plot B (Lilliput).

All of the action of ‘Gift Box’ takes place on a table, tastefully accessorized with tabletop ware – an anniversary clock, a fishbowl and a series of frames. The spot goes something like this:

Plot A: A man, Big Gulliver, sets a Peoples Jewellers gift box (is it a ring?) on the table, in front of the frames.

Plot B: The picture of the man, Little Gulliver, in a frame comes to life, and he steps out of it and onto the table.

Plot A: Big Gulliver reaches for the matches on the table narrowlyÉ

Plot B: Émissing Little Gulliver as he seeks protection behind the fishbowl.

Plot A: Big Gulliver lights some candles (we see him in the background above the picture frames).

Plot B: Meanwhile, Little Gulliver hoists up the gift box and presents it to the picture of a woman (who, incidentally, also comes to life) in another frame, and they exit frame right.

Plot A: A car pulls up to the house (‘She’s home!’) and when Big Gulliver returns to the table he can’t find the box. He moves the picture frames around to reveal a third frame in whichÉ

Plot B: Éa white VW Bug, with the gift box strapped to its roof, drives off into the picture.

Ah, romance.

The basic premise of the spot, says Gee Jeffery creative director Alan Gee, was to make it light and entertaining with a general appeal. ‘There’s a danger in being too specific with brand names,’ he says. ‘That’s why we decided to concentrate on the act of giving as opposed to what is being given.’ As well, the sentiment of the spot complemented Peoples’ new tag line, ‘Bringing people closer for over 75 years.’

The seamless look of the commercial – which really does look like one continuing shot – can be credited to Partners’ director Dale Heslip, who created two sets, one of the actual tabletop and a replica, and the folks at Command Post and Transfer.

Andre Pienaar was the cinematographer and Charlene Sanderson produced for Partners’.

Agency credits go to producer Sheila Sone, writer Brett Channer and art director Doug Bramah. Bruce Copeman of Partners’ Post handled editing and Mark Stafford performed music and sound editing duties. JL