Photo Gallery: Birks Diamond Tribute 2014

The 10 Canadian women directors and actors who judges determined had an exceptional year were honoured at an awards ceremony at the Birks store on Sept. 10.

Henry Winkler’s Hank Zipzer goes global


DHX Media signs deals with multiple major broadcasters to take the comedy-drama series across Western, Europe, Scandinavia, Latin America, Australia and the UAE.

9 Story inks cartoon dev deal with Imagination Movers


The indie producer plans an animated TV series based on a live action show about four blue-suited musicians.

How Vancouver ran away with L.A.’s VFX…


…but as California boosts its tax credit program and Quebec pulls back, will the VFX boom in Canada continue?

SIM Group expands to Northern Ontario


The SIM Group is set to open an office in Parry Sound, ON at the Muskoka North Film Studios.

San Sebastian: Canadians target Latin American partners in Spain


As public subsidies shrink at home, Canadian producers are in the Basque Country this week to woo coproduction partners in Mexico, Columbia and Brazil.

Advertisers take a stand for simsub at Let’s Talk


Representatives from Canadian advertising industry organizations said removing the policy would result in substantial revenue being diverted to other platforms.

Amazing Race Canada re-upped by CTV


A third season of the show was announced last night during the second-season finale.

Punchline comedy network debuts first original shows


The recently launched CBC platform hopes to increase site traffic by 5 to 10% with the fall rollout of its first two original series.

U.S. TV stations pitch the CRTC on retransmission fees


“Why would we import just this fraction of your system,” regulatory chair Jean-Pierre Blais asked the Americans during the Let’s Talk TV hearing.